Smart City

Installing wireless Traffic Lights or CCTV allows a city street to be illuminated with a Data Highway providing CCTV, Bus Stops, VMS, Parking, ANPR, Wi-Fi, Pollution Monitoring and Journey Time to be added with minimal cost using the same network.

The benefits are felt most in the City Traffic Department which can gain from the powerful traffic control and monitoring applications and cost reductions of Integrated Traffic Systems.


A City Council installing wireless traffic lights or CCTV using Mesh4G in a street results in that whole street being enabled for Wireless Communications. So any device that needs communications can be added to the network with minimal revenue cost. CCTV and ANPR can be added to the network along the path between the traffic lights and can be moved around easily with only the cost of a mains connection. VMS, ANPR and Bus Stops can be added as well as Parking (even solar-powered Pay & Display). An Integrated Traffic System based on Mesh4G is a hardened network based on military-grade encryption.


As the EU introduces more regulations for Pollution Monitoring and Co-Operative vehicles, the pressure is on City Councils to implement cost-effective and efficient Integrated Traffic Systems. Mesh4G provides just that.

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